Devity White Taper Candles

Kitchen and dining

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WHITE TAPER CANDLES – uniquely shaped white candles are one of a kind and not seen anywhere else. Absolutely beautiful tapered candles.
TALL CANDLES – In ideal environment tall white candles will last up to 8 hours. Ensuring classy atmosphere through out your entire event with lovely long burning candle.
LARGE WHITE CANDLES – taper candle is handcrafted with precision and with superb quality. 12 inches long candles sticks that completely transforms your dinner table into a glamorous and luxurious space.
STICK CANDLES – Ideal for any occasion whether at a wedding, romantic dinner, themed parties, birthday parties, or even if you run out of electricity, be sure our candle tapers will light up your day.
DRIPLESS TAPER CANDLES – In perfect circumstances there will be no annoying dripping. But even a slight breeze could cause minor dripping. Be different with our tapers candles.